Your Journey, Our Canvas

We have the pleasure of working with:

It didn’t take much to get our gears going. We proposed building a website that will display all the services, and also describe how Alek does them differently compared to the competition. As soon as the blueprint was built, we scheduled a day for photography and videography, content which we integrated throughout the site and Google listing. Pair this with a complete custom FAQ page, to answer all those questions customers might have before giving a call to the office to schedule an appointment.

And so the action kicked off. We huddled up with The Link Solution crew and put our heads together on how to really catch the attention of their crowd. We put together 15 towns where they primarily work and crafted unique pages for each one. These pages were all about talking to folks in those areas, making them feel right at home when they landed on the site. In addition, we created a top-notch service page. Moreover, we designed a service page that showcases each individual service they offer, together with all the previous work they had done.

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