Harvard University School of Law hires Rootless Agency

Sometimes it Pays to Answer a Call from an Unknown Caller!

A surprise call from a highly respected university leads to a long-term relationship.

Xhulio was on the road conducting a photo shoot for a client when a call came in from an unknown number in the New England area. Reluctant to answer, but not wanting to miss a client call, Xhulio picked up the call which turned out to be from Harvard University School of Law.

He was skeptical at first but after talking to the caller for a few minutes learned Harvard Law School was seeking a marketing firm that could help them with graphic design for some of the research papers written by researchers.

Visually interesting and professional

The goal was clear and simple for Rootless Agency. Harvard Law School required a professional look that was graphically interesting. The research papers needed to be in PDF form for final presentation.

There was a definite process to be followed and Rootless Agency quoted their work and responded with a proposal, along with examples of previous work done. Within a week, a contract was signed, and Rootless Agency was on-board.

Harvard University School of Law has Special requirements 

Because of the nature of the work, Rootless Agency agreed to stipulations not to release any designs or to post the research papers on the Rootless Agency website. Harvard Law School’s research papers are part of their work for the Animal Law and Policy Program. Research is proprietary, and is involved in protecting animals, making it better for those that are raised for food.

Quick turn-around

Another important requirement was the ability of Rootless Agency to complete the graphic design and submit final PDFs to Harvard quickly. Once the research is done, it is imperative that the final research papers be submitted as quickly as possible. While Rootless Agency is a full-service marketing firm, the company is eager to respond to requests for graphic design, logo development, photography and videography, and brand management projects. Oftentimes these lead to long-term marketing relationships and referrals. If you have a marketing project you’d like to discuss, call Xhulio at 508-293-1847 or book a complimentary discovery call today.


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