App Development

App Development Service

We love to code, it’s that simple. Our magic is in combining a startup thinking mind with years of developer coding experience for the perfect app development. We are constructing a technological future with Designers, Problem Solvers, Technologists, Engineers and Project Managers.

Our app build process guides organizations to identify, validate, and launch their new products. Our team will take an already great idea, and recommend features to make it an even greater success. The Rootless team can build mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps, enterprise software where the key focus is user experience.

Technology to Simplify
Technology to Enhance
Technology to Entertain

Discovery and Strategy

  • Product discovery 
  • Identify user
  • Product strategy
  • BRD also known as the Architecture 
  • Competition and advantage
  • Roadmap of build and launch

App Development and Deployment

  • UI/UX
  • Front end development 
  • API development 
  • Continuous Integration
  • Back end development
  • Final Deployment to server

The Rootless way of Development to Deployment

Everything begins with our Rootless Developers being good listeners. We will build a blueprint often referred to as a BRD Document which will become the architectural documents to make your app a digital reality.

The number one priority is for your app to have a clean architecture and infrastructure so the app can scale with additional features. 

The Rootless app developers are some of the most innovative minds with years of coding experience that we are proud to call friends. These developers make our clients’ dreams come true with their experience and love for code. Our developers create apps that are agile, modular and scalable.

Our lips are sealed

Before we sit down and drink a cup of coffee, our team will ensure your privacy is being protected both morally and legally. We will always sign NDA agreements prior to speaking with our clients to keep their ideas and intellectual property confidential at all times. If we end up not working together, we will delete all files pertaining to the future project.

What kind of apps can we build for you?

Supporting visionaries that impact our world through technology.

App Development Services for our Rootless Clients

UI/UX Design

A team obsessed with user experience, and engagement. Apps that are built to be easy to use and understand.

IOS App Development

We know the Apple App Store well. IOS apps built for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple watches.

Android App Development

Apps built with Java, Jetpack and Android studio. Code that is fundamentally sound.

Back End Sophisticated Engineering

Most up to date code language, frameworks and databases that offer speed and stability. Let’s face it, no one likes tech bugs.

Rootless for the Built?

I think we have proven why we are one of Boston’s best App development companies but just in case you need us to state the facts once more.

You're working with:

World class engineering and design
A transparent process with clear communication throughout
With you for the growth journey

Ready to create your million dollar app idea?

Basic Mobile/Web App



Simple User App

5-10 Pages

1-4 Workflows

Branding Design

Scope Definition

Agile Methodology

Analysis and Design

Live Reviews

Quality Assurance


AWS Hosting

4 hours of Training

Premium Mobile/Web App



Complex User App

10+ Pages

4+ Workflows

Branding Design

Scope Definition

Agile Methodology

Analysis and Design

Live Reviews

Quality Assurance


AWS Hosting

10 hours of Training