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At Rootless Agency we connect your brand, content, and product digitally to create a unified and consistent message to your prospects and customers. Our expert discovery process gets us inside the minds of our clients and their prospects.  It is passion-driven and customer-oriented.

Brands you will proudly wear.

What is branding?

Branding is the emotional meaning behind your business and its relationship to your clients and prospects. It is all about who you are, what you stand for, and what is your WHY? Your why must be strong and is the foundation of your company that you will underpin your messages throughout the growth of your business.

Creating and building a strong brand goes beyond designing a logo and selecting a color pallet.  Rootless Agency partners with its clients, bringing the expertise of having built brands for many prestigious companies. Our team understands how to connect with and engage prospects and customers through a comprehensive brand building process.

How is branding different with Rootless?

Branding is all about how your prospects feel when they see your brand, engage with your company, and learn more about it. It is not just about what you sell or do.

The challenge in building a brand is in making your company stand out from the rest – what is the difference between you and others who do or sell the same products or services. Beautiful logos, colors, and brand messaging is not enough.

At Rootless Agency, we approach branding with the future of our clients in mind. We create short-term and long-term strategies to develop brand recognition and success for our clients.

Our brand philosophy is to:​

help your brand stay human
develop a clear identity
design fantastic digital experiences across all platforms.
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Why is branding important?​

A strong brand creates top-of-mind awareness and recognition, encourages growth, exhibits culture, and builds growth.

A cohesive brand quickly builds trust with your prospects and customers, and it increases awareness through all digital touch points. This builds customer loyalty to your brand or product and service. A consistent +brand differentiates your company from the start.

How can we get started?

The expert Rootless brand team will discover, define and create a cohesive brand strategy which we call The Rootless Blueprint.  Our process provides information, clarity, and goals. The Rootless Blueprint is plan for growth into the future for the company products or services, sub-brands, new products, new services. Growth is strategically planned to maintain the brand image and messaging to attract your early supporters who are now your Super Fans!

Every piece of the puzzle:

Visuals Mission Vision Products Services Style Guide Culture Customer Identity Values Illustrations Uniforms Product Mock Ups

Visuals Mission Vision Products Services Style Guide Culture Customer Identity Values Illustrations Uniforms Product Mock Ups

What does a Rootless Agency Brand Blueprint include?

Your brand blueprint includes all the elements that make your brand. The colors, fonts, brand messaging, brand guidelines, graphic logo, social media themes, and marketing campaigns that promote and build your company’s recognition in the marketplace.

Our Promise through the process:

Rootless Agency experts will work with you each step of the way. Whether you are a startup or a company that is rethinking its brand or you want to improve on an existing brand …  Rootless teams will create a custom program for you and with you however and at whatever degree you want to contribute in the process.  We provide excellent communication and customer service. We work with your budget and meet deadlines. Rootless Agency strives to be your partner in every step of this creative process.

Every Brand has a story to tell

Our discovery process is passion-driven and customer-oriented to exceed expectations and achieve goals.

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Ok, but how much?

Branding Package



3 Phase Logo Design

4 Alternate Logo Designs

Exported in .png, .jpeg, .pdf, & .svg

2-3 Color Palette Recommendations

Mood Board

Business Card

Font Recommendation

Product Mockups

Turning unique into unforgettable
Ready to fly?

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Many agencies make big promises; Rootless Agency makes big results. Many agencies bring excuses; Rootless Agency brings solutions. We may not be your first agency, but we will be your last.