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Every idea requires realization, and the Rootless team dedicated extensive hours to deliberate on bringing their app to the market. The process began with the development of a web app to test the concept, eventually leading to the subsequent launch of the mobile app. The mobile application encompasses all features present in the web app, with an additional rewards system enabling users to redeem points for Agency Services.

The Rootless Web App is constructed using Python and Angular, hosted on AWS.

The Rootless Mobile App is developed with Python and React, also hosted on AWS.


Designing a minimalist logo is not as easy as it appears. You want to make sure you create a logo that will be timeless, and not appear like something you put together in a matter of seconds. We decided to create a logo that will initially display SC for Studit Consulting, and then eventually drop the C letter, as the brand is becoming more recognizable. Nowadays, you see the Studit logo printed all over shirts, pens, mugs and more.

When it comes to social media, we knew that our avatar were students that had just graduated high-school. To speak to them, we strategize to create content that teaches them something, which then might lead to a potential consultation with Studit. The free education strategy was so successful that nowadays, Studit has over 50k followers on Instagram.

It was a no brainer that Golden Group Solar needed its own logo. We created a logo that looks almost identical to Golden Group Roofing, except for if you pay attention, you will notice that one of the words changes, together with a sun icon added to the logo. This way, we don’t loose the brand awareness that Golden Group Roofing had built for the last decade. Instead, if an existing client is looking at the solar logo, they would know right away that this is a Golden Group Roofing Company.

Challenge 1 is down. Now what happens to the website? We recommended to build a complete different site under that will mimic, but it would contain complete different content. The new site would speak primarily to potential Solar Clients, having features like: submit documents for their solar consultation, check existing solar projects, read more about the installation day and more. Both sites would be interconnected to each other, allowing for clients to be able to shift between both seamlessly.

Did we create a separate Golden Group Solar Social Media account? We did not. Instead, we decided that building off the same brand on social media would be more effective for potential clients. If you think about it, social media is primarily there to build brand awareness. If we had divided this into two separate accounts, it would be slightly confusing to the user. Having everything under one umbrella made it possible for us to follow the same strategy as before; creating educational content that help the customer understand more about their roofing project. We will let the Instagram account speak more for itself.

Using the symbolism of the Lunaria plant, Rootless Agency created a new logo that combines an illustration with the company name. The new logo represents the unique floral art crafted by 

Then it was time for Rootless to design the marketing plan that would give exposure for in Europe and America. 

Rootless Agency co-owner, Greta Bajrami recalled visiting an expensive men’s clothing store in Boston. “The store has a patio and a coffee shop that I loved. I realized that every time I visited there I learned more about the way the suits were made. I began to appreciate the effort that the tailors put into each garment. So much work goes into each one!”

She thought that an “immersive experience” like that menswear café could be the central theme of the marketing plan.  A Lunariaa café with art on the walls and tables was just the beginning. While browsing Lunariaa, people could sip a drink made with lavender flowers, relax, and immerse themselves in the Lunariaa environment. 

Rootless used the site for agency photo shoots to publicize on social media. Soon celebrities and social media influencers came to the café. News programs and prominent social media sites featured and businesses and individuals were ordering custom-designed floral pieces, created with hundreds of dried flowers.

Now art is everywhere. Ajdini has designed pieces for farm-to-table restaurants, hair salons, corporate lobbies, and more.

Rootless Agency created a landing page which acts as a website within a website. This landing page speaks directly to the local Holliston, MA and surrounding area customers and prospects. We produced a branding video to give the landing page a personal vibe with photos of the owners who speak directly to MA residents. The website will also include training videos or those new to the craft of quilling.

Rootless Agency’s co-owner, Greta Bajarmi was thrilled with the prospect of strategizing their opening. She Created a plan that included a gift for each attendee of a Do-it-Yourself quilling card kit. This kit, valued at $50, surprised the attendees who learned how to do quilling. Later they went home with the makings of a one-of-a-kind DIY personally created work of art.

In addition, Rootless Agency spoke with the owners of a local winery, the Broken Creek Vineyard in Shrewsbury MA. They were retained to present a wine tasting at the Quilling Card’s grand opening. The 40-acre winery is family-owned and offers a full selection of red and white wines.

The wine tasting was strategically positioned at the last room of the gallery so that guests were able to fully explore the Quilling Card gallery before arriving at the wine tasting.  Broken Creek showcased five wines, which created a friendly, fun atmosphere. The wine tasting introduced those attending to their local business as well – a win-win for both companies.

While 50 attendees were hoped for, more than 100 visited Quilling Cards that day. Not one left without purchasing something. A wonderful outcome even though by design, there were no sales reps pitching product sales.

NERCA approached Xhulio Jamaku at Rootless Agency to design a new logo and to kick-start a social media campaign for the organization. Xhulio has years of experience in digital marketing and consulted with NERCA to plan a comprehensive program for a non-profit rebranding one step at a time. He stresses that “… a logo is not a brand. Furthermore, a company’s brand is much more than a logo – it is the company’s reputation, its personality, and it represents the years of experience and expertise it has developed.”

The design of a new logo underway, Xhulio got a social media program started. Initially, he posted photographs of NERCA Board members on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to introduce them to NERCA members. This – presented a face on the organization’s leaders, making it a more personable and approachable group. Xhulio used a question-and-answer format so that members were exposed to frequently asked questions. In addition, he posted information about the upcoming NERCA trade show so members were able to easily learn about and register for the annual event. Xhulio also used the power of video by posting snippets of interviews with board members, sometimes using humor, making the organization more relatable. With over 80 Board members, this was a major endeavor that represents just the beginning of the rebranding process.

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