Your Journey, Our Canvas

Bruno and Ronaldo, the visionary owners of The Flair Co, sought to expand their streetwear brand by launching an eCommerce website to sell their merchandise. They wanted a digital solution and partnered with our agency capable of not only developing their online store but also providing support for their digital presence.
Joe, the owner of Boston Doors and Windows, recognized the growing importance of having an online presence and decided it was time to create a website for his business.
Alisa Dudaj is an Albanian Designer. She stunned New York influencers when she debuted a collection that incorporated Albanian folklore touches into modern-day pieces. Alisa’s ability to infuse centuries of tradition into clothing suitable for dinners or elegant evenings showcases her visionary approach. Her entire collection is handcrafted in her native country of Albania, with Alisa personally overseeing each piece to ensure the stitching matches her vision perfectly.
When Rhize approached Rootless Agency, they were pretty clear what they were looking for. They wanted to find an agency that doesn’t just create a logo, but rather operate as their part time marketing department.
During her extensive podcast journey, Greta identified a crucial gap – the need for more than just her personal narrative to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs. Realizing that existing platforms merely presented interviews without in-depth insights, Greta conceptualized Rootless.
When Arjanita approached us, she was initially looking to create a logo that is simple, yet recognizable. She wanted a logo that can be printed on shirts, hoodies, cups, mugs, pens etc. and still be recognizable as Studit.

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