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A Different Story at Rootless Agency

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If you are thinking of adding social media management to your toolbox, know that at Rootless Agency, it’s a different story.

At Rootless, we do Social Media Management differently. We don’t do it to simply gain exposure for our clients. We do it to drive SEO (search engine optimization).

Focusing on search terms

When people are using Google or another search engine to find what they are looking for on the world wide web, they use terms that mean something to them. At Rootless, we make sure we use those search terms in the social media management posts we create for our clients. By mirroring what our clients’ potential customers are typing into the search bar, we increase the probability of our clients’ names appearing on the list of search results – high on the list

How do we know what terms to use?

We research to learn what terms are currently being used to find similar companies, services, or products. We ask our clients lots of questions to learn how their customers find them. Questions that include who their target customers are? What are the demographics of their ideal customers, so we know where to place their social media posts. But that’s not all.

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The Rootless process for social media management

Before we take on a new client, we complete 30 days of “discovery” to get to know the company. We interact with the business owners to understand them, their vision, their goals for their company.

After discovery, we build content around building their social media management program – creating their “sales agent.” We do the foundation work necessary to encourage engagement with their brand when we launch the program.

During our working relationship with our social media management clients, we spend a minimum of two days each month in their facilities. One day is for photographing images that will be used in their social media postings. We learn a lot during this time so we better understand the company and can create relevant content for them. Our observations influence the photographs and videos we take and help us to apply what we’ve learned to our posts. We use what we’ve learned and apply it to social media management best practices to present how our client is different than others in the same field.

Why use social media in the first place?

This is a question we hear from our clients in addition to “What social media is good for my business?”  “Do I need social media?” 

Social media management is an essential element to your sales force. Today, people use social media as the “warm-up” to going to a website to research a potential vendor or service provider.  In fact, social media management is 30% of the sales process, which occurs before a prospect picks up the phone or checks out your website.

Prospects become familiar with your company before you even know about them. However, your social media management has to be more than simply about posting text, photos, or videos. Your social media management must be more strategic and act like a sales agent for you.

Do-it-yourself Social Media Management is not effective.

Companies who want to get more followers on social media soon learn that this goal doesn’t produce search engine results that generate inquiries and sales. To achieve these more effective goals, much time and effort must be spent creating a strategy and content that will resonate with their target prospects and customers. The research that must be done prior to launching an successful social media program is often more than can be done in-house.  

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Why hire a social media management company?

At Rootless, we plan out the posts for our clients for the entire month for an average of 5 to 6 posts a week. We use high-end, edited video to convey specific messages that meet desired objectives. Images are photoshopped so the best image possible is posted. We create captions and tags for all posts.

At Rootless Agency, we go over the scheduled posts with our clients for approval prior to posting. We monitor the comments for each post, interact with comments, and we review the data with the clients at the month’s end. In this way, we discuss what went well and how the strategy and process can be improved.

Speaking of data …

One of the key aspects of a social media management program is analysis. Key metrics include the reach of the posts – what was the “reach?” How many times was seen and engaged? We track the data from month to month to see how each social media platform is performing. 

We set realistic expectations and review constantly to be sure the content that we write is on target. At Rootless Agency, we also analyze how many people are going to the company profile. We compare from month to month to see what posts are linking to the company profile. In this way, we can see how the audience is growing over time.

All the data is shared with our clients so together we finetune the strategy and process.

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What to say in your social media posts

Content is key and should be varied to reach your target audience. You can post about upcoming trade shows where you are exhibiting or demoing a new product. What do you want your prospects to know about your product line or service? Do you have a new product or service? You can give tips about using your products or overcoming challenges your prospects may be facing. 

Companies who fear giving their competitors information about your company do themselves a disservice. Having an active and strategic social media presence puts you steps ahead of your competitors.

Social media vs online advertising

Social media management involves reaching your target market through content that will engage them and encourage them to visit your company profile and website. Advertising online is paying a search engine to bring visitors to your website. It is an important element in search engine optimization by paying for a specific search term. When an individual types in that search term in their browser, a company that has paid for that search term is listed in the search engine results as an advertiser or sponsor.

The Rootless Agency social media strategy takes the long-term view. We are building a foundation that produces results that benefit companies year-round.  

At Rootless, we have a social media team that builds relationships with our clients as part of their sales team.

While Rootless Agency is a full-service marketing firm, the company is eager to respond to requests for social media management, graphic design, logo development, photography and videography, and brand management projects. Oftentimes these lead to long-term marketing relationships and referrals. If you have a social media management project you’d like to discuss, call Xhulio Jamaku at 508-293-1847 or book a complimentary discovery call today.