How Rootless Agency Helped Launch Golden Group Solar

When co-founder of Golden Group Roofing, Greta Bajrami wanted to formally launch a Solar Division, the company had already been doing solar system projects for their customers for over three years. She realized that what Golden Group Solar needed was a strategy for branding a sister company.

A Marketing Dilemma

She also knew the importance of not straying too far from the brand of her remarkably successful Golden Group Roofing Company. It can often be a challenge to launch a sister company while capitalizing on the reputation and recognition of the original company but not confusing potential customers.
Greta wanted to brand their solar division on its own. She recognized that Golden Group’s success owed much to its differentiation from other roofing companies. Golden Group Roofing’s foundation is about educating the public about the ins and outs of roofing and the correct process for a successful installation.

Golden Group Roofing was one of the first roofing companies in New England to combine the installation of a new roof with a solar system. Greta is passionate about informing her customers of the benefits of this combination installation, which offers the best and most efficient method to minimize the risks of leaks and prolongs the life of both roof and solar system.

Matt Weiner, Golden Group’s Solar Director, met Greta Bajrami and Freddy Campoverde, founders of Golden Group Roofing, when Matt was one of the launching partners of the GAF Solar Division. Greta says, “We took our time to gather the right people, experts in their field, to launch Golden Group Solar. Our mission was to integrate roofing and solar system installation. In introducing our new Golden Group Solar brand, we wanted to feature our solar expert, Matt Weiner, who helped us define our marketing strategy.”

Rootless Agency designs a new logo for Golden Group Solar

Recognizing that a new logo was necessary for a new brand, Greta asked Rootless Agency for a graphic that would not jeopardize the Golden Group Roofing recognition and Xhulio Jamaku to set to work designing. He expressed his idea of attaching a sun – specifically, a morning sun rising – to the Golden Group Roofing logo. The sun attracts attention to the new text while retaining the brand recognition of Golden Group Roofing.

Golden Group Solar Business Cards on Wooden Box Mockup

It is apparent that Golden Group Solar is not just a new company, but one that is a “sister” company to Golden Group Roofing.

The next step in marketing the new brand.

It is important to let prospects and past customers know that Golden Group Solar follows the same process and business model as Golden Group Roofing. Golden Group Roofing retains a database of past clients, so the next step was an email campaign informing these customers about Golden Group Solar.
In the first phase of the campaign, three customers scheduled appointments with Golden Group Solar to discuss a solar system for their homes. Rootless Agency will mail other past customers with the same news in a phased manner in subsequent weeks.

A new website for Golden Group Solar

Rootless Agency explored several ways to introduce Golden Group Solar on the web. Should it be a separate division under GGR or a separate website? Together they decided that initially, Rootless Agency would design a website for Golden Group Solar like the GGR website. The website will include questions (and answers) for website visitors that will help GGS to assess their needs. The site will also have the capability to house e-versions of brochures and marketing campaigns. Rootless is also planning an e-book with a wealth of information about solar power. This e-book will answer the questions people wonder about regarding solar systems.

Social Media – an integral component of Golden Group Solar’s Branding.

Following an approach like the social media activities of Golden Group Roofing, Rootless devised a plan to provide as much information as possible through social media. They began posting photos with text with topics such as: 7 Signs You Need the Power of Solar. They took videos of salespeople who spoke about these signs.

Social media can be complicated because each social media site has its own personality and, more importantly perhaps, its own rules. Instagram, for example, does not like images with text. They prefer plain images with the text in the description.

Rootless Agency prefers to create informational videos. They send a professional videographer to a job site and a technician speaks on topics such as: How to Flash a Chimney Properly or Five Things to Know if you Have a Skylight. These videos are professionally edited and are then scheduled on the “content calendar” for posting. Golden Group Solar has six postings per week and the result is consumer “buzz” about the company and about solar systems in general. The solar industry is a tough one to attract to social media, but one of GGS’s first video posts garnered 50K views!

Social Media Management vs SEO vs Marketing

Xhulio explains, “It generally takes about six months to get “buzz” going and for social media readers to follow a particular company. Advertising gets more immediate results but is expensive. SEO content with blogs on the website may take even longer than six months to get results. Social media falls somewhere in between.”

Videos on social media build credibility. People have commented to GGS about their video postings on social media. One person said, “I love the videos. I am now a client!”

Xhulio says, “Leads check you out on social media as well as on your website. Your brand, website, social media, and other marketing activities need to meet a high standard. At Rootless Agency we use all the marketing channels and do so professionally.”

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If you are thinking about rebranding your company or if you are a startup in need of a strategic brand for your business, call Xhulio Jamaku at (508) 293-1847 or contact him for a free consultation.


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