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Twelve years ago, two college students pursuing a business degree took temporary jobs as roofing foremen at a roofing company. Avid learners by nature, Greta Bajrami and Freddy Campoverde threw themselves into it, learning everything there was to know about roofing. They were determined to become the top roofing contractors in their field.

As newcomers with degrees in business management, they quickly realized that the roofing industry hadn’t changed in decades… despite advances in technology and expectations of customer service. Therefore, many roofing contractors did what had always been done. As a result, it did not matter how inefficient or inconvenient this was for property owners.

In the past 10 years, Greta Bajrami and Freddy Campoverde have become roofing industry leaders, catapulting Golden Group Roofing & Solar to be the best roofing company in Massachusetts.

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The Dilemma

Considering how successful Golden Group Roofing was previous to Golden Group Solar, it was a difficult challenge to create a new sister company that would bring the same core values and professionalism in the eyes of the people. Greta knew that she and her team would bring the best experience to their customers, but how do you create a brand that can carry over that decade of experience from roofing into solar? How do you create a brand that would not hurt its sister company that is already successful? Do you create a separate website for it or do you build a website within a website? Do you create a complete different logo aswell? What about social media?

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The Rootless Solution

It was a no brainer that Golden Group Solar needed its own logo. We created a logo that looks almost identical to Golden Group Roofing, except for if you pay attention, you will notice that one of the words changes, together with a sun icon added to the logo. This way, we don’t loose the brand awareness that Golden Group Roofing had built for the last decade. Instead, if an existing client is looking at the solar logo, they would know right away that this is a Golden Group Roofing Company.

Challenge 1 is down. Now what happens to the website? We recommended to build a complete different site under that will mimic, but it would contain complete different content. The new site would speak primarily to potential Solar Clients, having features like: submit documents for their solar consultation, check existing solar projects, read more about the installation day and more. Both sites would be interconnected to each other, allowing for clients to be able to shift between both seamlessly.

Did we create a separate Golden Group Solar Social Media account? We did not. Instead, we decided that building off the same brand on social media would be more effective for potential clients. If you think about it, social media is primarily there to build brand awareness. If we had divided this into two separate accounts, it would be slightly confusing to the user. Having everything under one umbrella made it possible for us to follow the same strategy as before; creating educational content that help the customer understand more about their roofing project. We will let the Instagram account speak more for itself.

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Words that echooooooooo

Working with Rootless Agency from Golden Group Roofing & Solar has been an absolute delight! We can’t express enough how much we appreciate their amazing team. They’re like problem-solving wizards – no matter the challenge, they’re always understanding and whip up these fantastic plans to tackle them head-on.


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