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Studit is one of the largest consulting firms in Europe, consulting students from all around South-Eastern Europe on how to apply and study in Germany or other European Countries. Studit is born out of passion for education and knowledge. They are focused on helping others by making the whole process easier. The Studit team is there to assist students in every step of their way.

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The Dilemma

When Arjanita approached us, she was initially looking to create a logo that is simple, yet recognizable. She wanted a logo that can be printed on shirts, hoodies, cups, mugs, pens etc. and still be recognizable as Studit. Moreover, considering how most of her clientele was from social media channels, she was looking for an agency that will not only manage her content, but also be able to successfully analyze the market and create content around potential new customers.

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The Rootless Solution

Designing a minimalist logo is not as easy as it appears. You want to make sure you create a logo that will be timeless, and not appear like something you put together in a matter of seconds. We decided to create a logo that will initially display SC for Studit Consulting, and then eventually drop the C letter, as the brand is becoming more recognizable. Nowadays, you see the Studit logo printed all over shirts, pens, mugs and more.

When it comes to social media, we knew that our avatar were students that had just graduated high-school. To speak to them, we strategize to create content that teaches them something, which then might lead to a potential consultation with Studit. The free education strategy was so successful that nowadays, Studit has over 50k followers on Instagram.

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Words that echooooooooo

I recently worked with Rootless Agency Company for my business’s rebranding project, and overall, I was impressed with their work. They demonstrated a high level of professionalism and delivered results that met my expectations. The quality of their work was excellent, and they effectively captured the essence of my brand through their designs and messaging.


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