Branding, Social Media Management, Photography, Videography uses the latest technologies to dry flowers so they maintain their beauty and delicate appearance for a long time. When Olsjana Ajdini, founder of, gave her sister-in-law a bouquet of fresh flowers for her birthday, she knew that the beautiful arrangement would last only a short while. Soon they would be thrown in the trash. That is when she  decided to find a way to preserve flowers and turn them into art. Ajdini says, “I dry flowers so they will not die.” But she is actually retaining a memory in a tangible way that is treasured. 

Lunariaa Landscape Calendar Mockup for our branding process

The Dilemma approached Rootless Agency to assess their brand and help them to expand into the international market. Co-owner of Rootless Agency, Xhulio Jamaku consulted with Ajdini and advised her to start with a new name and logo. The name Lunariaa was selected because it represents a flower that is much loved for its white or purple petals. The Lunaria plant represents honesty, money, and sincerity. The Latin name means “moon shaped.” This refers to the translucent seed capsules of the Lunaria plant that resemble coins. This gives the plant its alternate name: the silver dollar plant. The Lunaria plant dries naturally, so it was the ideal choice to represent the company.

Lunariaa Book Grid Mockup

The Rootless Solution

Using the symbolism of the Lunaria plant, Rootless Agency created a new logo that combines an illustration with the company name. The new logo represents the unique floral art crafted by 

Then it was time for Rootless to design the marketing plan that would give exposure for in Europe and America. 

Rootless Agency co-owner, Greta Bajrami recalled visiting an expensive men’s clothing store in Boston. “The store has a patio and a coffee shop that I loved. I realized that every time I visited there I learned more about the way the suits were made. I began to appreciate the effort that the tailors put into each garment. So much work goes into each one!”

She thought that an “immersive experience” like that menswear café could be the central theme of the marketing plan.  A Lunariaa café with art on the walls and tables was just the beginning. While browsing Lunariaa, people could sip a drink made with lavender flowers, relax, and immerse themselves in the Lunariaa environment. 

Rootless used the site for agency photo shoots to publicize on social media. Soon celebrities and social media influencers came to the café. News programs and prominent social media sites featured and businesses and individuals were ordering custom-designed floral pieces, created with hundreds of dried flowers.

Now art is everywhere. Ajdini has designed pieces for farm-to-table restaurants, hair salons, corporate lobbies, and more.

Lunariaa iPhone 14 Pro Max Mockup

Words that echooooooooo

We loved working with the Rootless Agency. Back when I started Lunariaa, I had a vision and a proven concept, but I didn’t have an online presence set up yet. The Rootless team helped me tremendously with everything, starting from ideas and concepts, to making it a reality. At first I was skeptical trusting them with my social media management but right now it is a no brainer. And its not just that. To this day, they help me with maintaining my e-commerce site, my CRM and often bring new ideas to the table. I highly recommend them and cant wait till we start the new adventure with the Lunariaa Flower Café Social Media.


Brewing Ideas; A coffee date with Rootless Agency

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