Our Philosophy

It took us time to get here, we had to prove our strengths and gain the experience needed to share our talents with those looking for the next brand or app to be launched.

Our philosophy is simple: Pour passion as if it was Rootless all over again.

If we work on your brand, we will give it the same time, love, effort and talent like we have given our brand.

Our founders have exceptional stories that have led them to Rootless Today. Greta Bajrami started a multi million dollar Construction empire at the age of 21 using $15k. Xhulio Jamaku advanced to the top of his team in various Fortune 500 companies due to his crazy love for numbers and coding. Their stories, their struggles, and their success are what fuels Rootless each day. Greta has a passion to create startups and grow businesses and Xhulio has a passion to code and use technology to impact our communities.

Not all agencies are good business owners to their business, and not all coders even understand how a business operates.

This is the Rootless Difference, a coder who understands business needs, and a business owner who understands startup pathways.

The Rootless team has been created to understand business first, and digitally advance them second.

Our first meetings will always be with our creative business experts that will analyze the business, its growth and profitability. Our second meeting will be with our tech team that will simplify your growth through digital technology.

Real people with real connections.

We are not the Silicone valley team, we are your local, walk by, see our light turned on at 2 am, a guy or girl in front of a desktop coding away team.

It’s nice having you here, connect and say hi! We love to change lives. Rootless is our mission to impact and create entrepreneurs around the world. You can learn more about Rootless here.
No one told us it was possible, but we are here to tell you it is possible.

If two Albanian immigrants who now live in Boston can launch various multimillion dollar brands, and build apps, so can you.

Grab your dandelion, make a wish out loud and blow to make it real.

Turning unique into unforgettable
Ready to fly?

Our Rootless Boston Web Agency

Many agencies make big promises, we make big results. Many agencies bring excuses, we bring solutions. We won’t be many businesses’ first agency, but we will be their last.